10 Rules for Losing Weight and Regaining a Flat Stomach

10 Rules for Losing Weight and Regaining a Flat Stomach
Flat Stomach
  1. Consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, which represents 6 to 10 glasses.You will eliminate toxins and stay hydrated, it is an indispensable element in your diet to lose weight. You can make a drink of lemon juice, honey and ginger added to water, it is an excellent drink that you can consume when you feel hungry.
  2. Choose foods rich in fiber that help to digest your food and reduce the amount of fat in your body. Vegetables and fruits should be present at your meals. Eat foods that are high in protein, calcium, almonds, dried fruits, or whole grain foods such as wholegrain rice, multigrain bread, or wholegrain. Fish, seafood, eggs and poultry will also give you the protein you need to give you energy and maintain your muscle mass.
  3. Skip meals is not recommended, rather eat at regular intervals, plan snacks or drink a glass of water if you risk a munchies. Eating at fixed and regular times will allow your body to better adapt to your diet. Do not eat after 10 pm because during the night your metabolism slows down and no longer burns calories as it would during the day.
  4. Avoid at all costs the temptation to nibble because it forces your digestive system to secrete digestive juices unnecessarily.
  5. Eliminate as much alcohol or beer, you know the little “beer belly”, prefer them water, green tea or herbal teas well known for their antioxidant effects, soothing and promoting a better quality of sleep.
  6. When you eat, eat slowly, take your time to chew your food is essential because the digestive function begins in the mouth, on the other hand you will be more quickly satiated.
  7. Eliminate all situations of stress, which often leads to the desire to nibble
  8. Always adopt a positive attitude, if you work in an office do not be “slumped” on your seat, stand up straight, your body must feel supported, you will avoid problems of backache, neck. Another consequence of the sitting position is that the abdominal muscles loosen and the overweight is waiting for us.
  9. Exercise, physical exercise, one of the best ways to lose weight abdominal is to do short and intense exercise that can increase the process of burning fat. Other recommended sports, walking, jogging, dancing, climbing, tennis, swimming, cycling. In any case, practicing sports regularly is a guarantee of good health.
  10. Keep a diary of what you eat, your regular physical activity, your measurements, your weight to follow your progress and your progress. Set goals, achievable steps, and reward yourself when you succeed.
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Always stay positive and motivated is the key to your success.

Good health at all

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