10 Ways To Look Beautiful

“Beauty” is a very common word that we listen often in our routine life. It is considered commonly that to be looked attractive is to be beautiful in fact. People, specially women strive a lot in their life that they may look beautiful, attractive and stylish and they should!
There are two main important aspects of beauty: the inner beauty; the outer beauty! Every individual has two facets i.e, physical and spiritual.

Here are 10 easy and simple ways to be beautiful and attractive:

1. Just make your sleep hours effective:

According to the age group,every person has some specific hours needed medically to remain fit and fine in 24 hours. Sleeplessness causes so many health related issues resulting in somehow dark circles around your eyes etc. When you do not take your complete sleep, it really impacts on your skin and looks. So, own the habbits to initiate regularities in your sleeping hours.

2. Hydrate your body with 8-12 glass water a day:

Our body needs excess of water quantities to hydrate our body because there are so many kinds of toxins present inside the body to be excreted out. So,water is the main thing that is largely involved in detoxification of our body.

3. Take balanced diet and nutrition:

Make your eating habbits so that you can get maximum nutrition with lowest calorie values. Avoid fats,carbs and junk food. Take excess of veggies,fresh fruits and fresh juices. It is necessary to rejuvinate your skin giving a glowy skin.

4. Take 15-30 min exercise daily to gain a shaped body:

Over weight body gives you very bad looks. If you do dieting but do not do physical exercise,your body cannot get a shape. So,do exercise daily for about half an hour,it will give you a good shaped body with lower pounds of weight.

5. Always be careful about your outfits:

Your outfits play a vital role in your beauty. If you choose and put on things that are stylish and trendy as well as in fashion, you can look like a beautiful personality and are attracted by the people. Just be careful about your dressing,your shoes and your accessories etc. And always put on the costumes according to the seasons as well as fashion.

6. Take care of your skin:

Use less make up on your skin as far as possible. Always cleanse your skin after make up spans. The things you have to do on daily basis are, cleansing, moisturizing and toning of your skin twice a day. It will leave a glow on your skin making it clear. Take facials and skin polishing remedies.

7. Take manicure and pedicure for the beauty of your hands and feet:

You have to take manicure for your hands’ beauty and the pedicure for your feet’s beauty. The skin of hands and feet also needs remedies to make them attractive and beautiful.

8. Always be happy and have smile on the face:

A smiling face enhances the beauty and attraction of your face. So, have smile on your face. Always be happy;never be depressed because it shows the results on your face and skin.

9. Take care of your hair and hair styles:

Hair are very important in your personality. The cuts, the colour, the cleansing and the hair styles! All these things are important in terms of your hair beauty. So, you have to choose hair colours and hair cuts according to your face shape and personality. Hair changing can give you different looks, so be conscious in this aspect! Hair styles should be so, that they suit on your face and should be according to your outfit depending upon formal,semi formal or informal kinds.

10. Always have a friend to discuss your looks:

If you share and discuss your looks to your close friends,then you can improve your beauty treatments. Discuss your style,way of having outfits and hair styles etc. Then conclude that what changings you need to have in you in terms of beauty. So, these all simple ways can make you attractive and beautiful by a little effort!
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