Monday, July 30, 2018

10 rules for losing weight and regaining a flat stomach

  1. Consume at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, which represents 6 to 10 glasses.You will eliminate toxins and stay hydrated, it is an indispensable element in your diet to lose weight. You can make a drink of lemon juice, honey and ginger added to water, it is an excellent drink that you can consume when you feel hungry.

  2. Choose foods rich in fiber that help to digest your food and reduce the amount of fat in your body. Vegetables and fruits should be present at your meals. Eat foods that are high in protein, calcium, almonds, dried fruits, or whole grain foods such as wholegrain rice, multigrain bread, or wholegrain. Fish, seafood, eggs and poultry will also give you the protein you need to give you energy and maintain your muscle mass.

  3. Skip meals is not recommended, rather eat at regular intervals, plan snacks or drink a glass of water if you risk a munchies. Eating at fixed and regular times will allow your body to better adapt to your diet. Do not eat after 10 pm because during the night your metabolism slows down and no longer burns calories as it would during the day.

  4. Avoid at all costs the temptation to nibble because it forces your digestive system to secrete digestive juices unnecessarily.

  5. Eliminate as much alcohol or beer, you know the little "beer belly", prefer them water, green tea or herbal teas well known for their antioxidant effects, soothing and promoting a better quality of sleep.

  6. When you eat, eat slowly, take your time to chew your food is essential because the digestive function begins in the mouth, on the other hand you will be more quickly satiated.

  7. Eliminate all situations of stress, which often leads to the desire to nibble

  8. Always adopt a positive attitude, if you work in an office do not be "slumped" on your seat, stand up straight, your body must feel supported, you will avoid problems of backache, neck. Another consequence of the sitting position is that the abdominal muscles loosen and the overweight is waiting for us.

  9. Exercise, physical exercise, one of the best ways to lose weight abdominal is to do short and intense exercise that can increase the process of burning fat. Other recommended sports, walking, jogging, dancing, climbing, tennis, swimming, cycling. In any case, practicing sports regularly is a guarantee of good health.

  10. Keep a diary of what you eat, your regular physical activity, your measurements, your weight to follow your progress and your progress. Set goals, achievable steps, and reward yourself when you succeed.

Always stay positive and motivated is the key to your success.
Good health at all

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Natural Stress Relief Herbs

Long term stress can be horrible for our health; it keeps us from sleeping, zaps our energy, makes us look and feel older, and can contribute to various health problems. That's why it's important to take time for stress relief. One way to do this is by using natural herbs. You can use them in tea or supplement form to help you feel calm and relaxed. There are a lot of remedies for stress out there; here are some of the most effective:

Kava kava. This herb has not only been used for stress relief and relaxation, but also for easing anxiety and curing insomnia. The effects are considered to be similar to the prescription drug valium, but generally without the "mental fog" feeling. Since the effects are so potent, you should be careful what you do after taking it until you know how it affects you.

Lavender. Lavender has an analgesic (pain relieving) and calming effect. You can massage the oil into your skin, put drops of it in a bath, or just rub a small amount on your temples for a soothing and relaxing effect.

Valerian. This is one of the most widely used herbs for curing insomnia. It calms the nervous system, making you feel calm and relaxed instead of stressed. In addition, since it helps you get a great night's sleep, you'll feel more refreshed and ready to face the next day.

Reishi. This is a great supplement to take if you find your stress is caused by a constantly racing mind. This herb produces a calm, clear mind and helps cure anxiety without making you feel sleepy or sedated. It can also help you sleep if you have trouble "turning off" your brain at night.

Unlike prescription drugs, most herbal supplements require longer periods of time to notice the full effect. If taken properly and with patience, these herbs can provide a natural and effective alternative to drugs with fewer side effects. Talk to your licensed health care practitioner before starting any herbal supplement because they may have drug interactions.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Surprising Health Benefits Of Pet Ownership

You've probably heard that pets are good for your health and help you live a longer, happier life. A recent study actually showed that having a dog is better for your health than owning a cat. Pets of all kinds, especially dogs, make a great addition to almost any family.

Getting plenty of exercise is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle, but some of us don't get up and move as much as we should. While most people have every intention of following and exercise plan, they end up skipping workouts because they're busy, bored by them, or just not in the mood. This is where having a dog is great. What better motivator to get up and move do you have than a dog that jumps on your lap or gives you the sad face because they want to go for a walk? If you have the responsibility of a dog, you're going to have the motivation to move more often (especially if you don't have a fenced yard).

Touch can help make us feel more comfortable and relaxed. Studies have shown that the simple act of petting and animal can help reduce tension and cause an immediate drop in blood pressure. That's a great benefit to have when so many common disorders today are preventable by reducing stress. Imagine being able to have lower blood pressure and less risk of heart disease simply by having your dog there. Of course, you should also consider that in some cases dogs can also raise your stress levels; a great reason to start training your dog early.

Just like dogs, humans are social creatures. We feel better when there's someone else with us ad get lonely and upset when we're alone for extended period's of time. Having a pet at home can give us the feelings of love and attention. Plus, pets aren't like people, they don't care if we didn't do our chores, they show unconditional love that can improve mood and make us feel more accepted. Dogs are so good at making people feel loved; they're often used to treat people with depression. It's hard to feel down when there's a constant smiling face by your side. The companionship of a dog is so beneficial that older people who live alone and have pets live longer than those who live alone and don't have pets.

Studies have also shown that kids who grow up with pets are less likely to suffer from ashtma and allergies.

So if you're thinking of getting a dog, but you're on the fence, remember that dogs can help you get fit, and make you feel less stressed or lonely. Studies have shown dog owners get sick less, recover faster, and even live longer. Dog ownership has surprising benefits to your health!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Negative Thinking And Your Health

The modern Mom deals with many pressures in her life. Whether it is raising families, trying to earn a living, keeping up with the kids and household chores, or a myriad of other things we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

When we're feeling stressed, we may find ourselves resorting to negative thinking and complaining, using negative words and becoming quite depressed afterwards. Sometimes we become physically tired from the depressive thoughts that creep in, and we can't get out of bed or do a simple chore. The effects of negative thinking can and do have serious health consequences.

Negative thinking can lead to headaches, body aches and a host of health-related conditions that we might not normally experience. While depression can be a culprit, negativity can cause feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, fear and anxiety. These feelings will generally result in an overall feeling of hopelessness. These feelings can increase our risk of heart attack and strokes.

Negative Thinking And Your Health
In addition, negative thinking tends to increase our experience of stress, and stress is the number one cause of major health problems today. While it's not easy to stay positive in a world that's often negative, the idea is to focus on your blessings and those of your family. Stay focused on what you can control, not what is totally out of your control. Eliminate negative news, people and situations as much as you can.

Positive thinking people are been shown to be less likely to get sick. It's worth the time and effort to have the discipline of focusing on the positive. Try to keep a positive view of the world and look for the good in others and in situations. Cultivate the habit of appreciating the moment and not worrying. After all, it doesn't make sense to worry about things you can't control, and if you can control something, take action to improve the situation. Experts have said that 96% of worrying is useless, so why not cut it out?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Positive Thinking and Health

Positive thinking is synonymous with good health. Numerous studies have shown a link between positive focus and greater health, and conversely, being in a state of depression or even negativity will worsen or lead to more illness. This was even written about in ancient texts like the Bible, which states that a happy heart is the life of the flesh.

There have been countless stories written about men and women who lived to be a hundred or more. When asked what attributed to their longevity part of the answer would always include the words "positive outlook" and a "happy focus."

One way to avoid focusing on the negative is to stop trying to control everything and everyone, and learn to enjoy the moment. Overcontrol just leads to more depression, stress and negativity. Control only that which you can, which is your thoughts and actions, and leave the rest along. Surround yourself with positive people and limit contact with toxic individuals, even if they're family.

Think Positive Live PositiveOne way positive thinking can be attained is through affirmations. Said daily, they can immediately take you out of the bad mood you're in and literally cause changes in the brain chemistry that make you feel happy. Whatever it takes, the moment you feel downhearted, think about the many blessings you enjoy. There is nothing like gratitude to bring about an immediate change in your state of mind. It's a good discipline to engage in a gratitude journal. Just taking a moment at the end of the day to reflect on things you appreciate about the day helps relax you and set the tone for the followoing day.

Think Positive Live Positive

How many people do you know who think and live a positive life? Of those who do not, are they healthy and happy people? Are their conversations filled with negativity and complaining? It is doubtful that anyone who lives a life of hopelessness can ever achieve happiness. Of course, noone can escape unpleasant realities totally. But making the choice to focus on the positive has major benefits.

Have you noticed the people in your life who are more positive? Do they seem to get more out of life? Do they tend to have more confidence and laugh more than others? They probably have more friends around them as well.

These are some of the benefits one can derive, both to their physical and emotional health from thinking and living a positive life.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Procrastination: How Positive Thinking Can Help Overcome It

"Don't put off until tomorrow the things you can do today."  We are all guilty of procrastination at one time or another in our lives. No matter what the circumstance, we sometimes tend to say "I don't feel like doing this today I'll do it tomorrow." How does this relate to positive thinking?

Having a negative feeling towards whatever task is before you impose a decision already formed in your mind. For example, let's assume you have a closet at home that really needs to be cleaned out. Each time you open the closet door you decide today is the day you are going to tackle it. The day goes on and the closet stays as is.

Or perhaps you have designated a day to clean out the garage. The weather would not influence your decision to put it off because you are basically indoors most of the time. You look at it once again and decide to do something else.

Procrastination: How Positive Thinking Can Help Overcome ItWhen negativity clouds our judgment or thought processes, there is a tendency to hang back and let the day pass without attending to those tasks that have to be accomplished. Conversely, when one is in a positive state of mind there is nothing that can't be done.  We feel good about everything and everyone. We work harder at home and at the office. Organization and efficiency is our middle name.

Procrastinating simple puts off the inevitable which then causes stress. The stress causes the inability to properly handle the task at hand and the result is that the closet is not properly cleaned out, the project at work is filled with mistakes and the garage looks worse than before. Ultimately, every task would have to be corrected which adds more stress. The cycle is a vicious one.

Let's face it there are some things we just don't like doing such as cleaning the bathroom, cleaning out the closet or garage and other things we have to do during the course of a day. But the old expression holds true "If you can't do it right the first time, don't do it at all."  While this may sound negative, it isn't. It is a reminder that positive thinking makes the task at hand enjoyable, thus it will be done correctly the first time. There is no stress involved, no anxiety and no pressure.

Procrastinators fall under the assumption that they are under pressure to fulfill a certain task. However, the pressure comes not from outside forces but from within. When you think in a positive way you act in a positive way. No pressure, no stress and no anxiety. Procrastination and negativity go hand in hand. Think positive and you will see just how much you can accomplish.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

5 Tips to Help You Think Positively

A large body of scientific research has uncovered the fact that positive thinking has many benefits. The trouble is, it's hard to be positive when we live in such a negative world, and sometimes we're surrounded by people who only complain and whine. While this article could discuss all of the clinical studies and research delineating how one can live a happy life, here are 5 easy tips that will help you learn to think more positively. Commit to doing these things for just a few minutes each day for one month and it will likely become a habit.

5 Tips to Help You Think Positively
  1. I am, I can, and I will are positive affirmations which you can utilize every day to increase positive thinking. Every morning, look in the mirror and say to yourself: "I am a _____ (patient Mom, loving wife, creative thinker… whatever you want to increase in your life."  Complete the sentence with your own affirmation.
  2. If you have a task before you either at home or at work or perhaps you need to lose weight and have found it difficult. Regardless of what the situation is, say to yourself: "I am certain that I will achieve this goal." "I can and will meet my income goals." "I am becoming a better friend, daughter, or mother each day." "I can….". Complete the sentence with your own affirmation.
  3. In order to think positively about future goals, say to yourself: "I will become a success." "I will exercise at least 3 times a week." "I will be the person I know I can be." "I will….". Complete this sentence with your own affirmation.
  4. Empower yourself each day by first writing down positive affirmations and putting them into a bowl. Each morning, before you prepare for the day, take out one affirmation and repeat it over and over throughout the day.
  5. Life is not always kind, yet there is much to be grateful for. If you have a roof over your head, 3 meals a day and people to love, you're better off than many people around the world! Recognize these gifts and be thankful for all you have. It's a good habit to begin or end (or both!) each day listing on paper or in your mind 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. Did you know that it is impossible to feel sad and grateful at the same time?
Decide today what is most important in your life and use positive words and images to reinforce your belief that you are, you can, and you will. And see what shows up in your life!

Monday, July 9, 2018

What Are Motivational Speakers For?

What Are Motivational Speakers For?Motivational speakers are sometimes referred to as inspirational speakers. They are people from different kinds of backgrounds who are hired to speak in front of an audience and deliver motivational and inspiring speeches. A motivational speaker speaks in different kinds of venues for different purposes; some may be hired by corporate companies to speak in a boardroom while some are hired by schools to talk in front of students. Some common purposes or goals that a motivational speaker tries to make the audience strive for are self-help, self-improvement, team building, or community goals. Whatever the purpose and venue, the main purpose of motivational speakers is primarily to motivate, inspire, or uplift the moods of the people in the audience.

An ideal motivational speaker is usually known to be an expert on a subject matter. He/she persuades people to look at the brighter side of things, look at something from a different perspective, focus on themselves and what they can do best, etc. Most people are prone to focusing their energies into their problems, so a motivational speaker's advice is usually to divert the attention to the opportunities that may arise in the face of those problems. Most excellent speakers are able to affect a profound change mentally, emotionally or even professionally into people's lives and view on things. They are able to convince people to either change some things in their lives for the better or change some things within themselves.

One of the most common and effective strategy of motivational speakers is to relate their inspirational speeches to their own experiences. A speaker reflects on those experiences and uses them to inspire others. In this way, the speeches are more natural and inspiring because the speaker has experienced them himself. This is also the reason why speakers are well-versed on the subject matters discussed and also the reason why they come from different backgrounds. Some of them are hired as special guests in events while the more popular ones go on a tour on different places around the country for speaking engagements. Well-known speakers also release self-help books, DVDs and other merchandise. They are also commonly invited for TV show guestings. 

There are three types of motivational speakers according to area of expertise:

  • Personal Development

This is the most common type of speaker. They are typically what come to most people minds when they hear the words "motivation speakers". They encourage and guide people to find their purpose in life. These speakers may talk about specific topics like balancing work and family life, overcoming adversities, or having a more positive perspective in life.
  • Youth Mentor

Motivational SpeakerMotivational SpeakerYouth mentors are commonly invited to speak to young people in schools, churches or community centers. They normally discuss topics like focusing in school, healthy communication with others, and deciding on what they really want to do with their lives. They try to steer the youth's lives in a healthy and positive direction.
  • Community

Community types of speakers give inspiring speeches about the important social and community issues. The speaker's goal is to educate the public or the people in the community about the topics discussed, thus giving them the power to take on positive actions. The speakers may also help unite the community towards one common goal. For example, a speaker may give a talk that will enable the community members to take action against noise pollution. So aside from inspiring people to become one community, speakers of this type can also help raise awareness on very important issues.
  • Business

This type of speakers gives talks of inspiration and guidance to people in business teams, from the sales people, the staff, and up to the executive directors. Business speakers should of course have a business background in order to relay his/her own experiences of success or failure and the lessons learned from it. A business speaker helps inspire the people working in a company to improve their work as well as to inspire enthusiasm towards achieving the company goals.

More and more people today are relying on motivational speakers to give them a little bit of boost during challenging times. There's surely nothing wrong with looking for positivity in trying times, and a motivational speaker will make sure to have you covered should the need arise.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Why You Need Those Badge Holders

Do you also tend to lose things just by simply going out of the house? Most likely some of us here also misplace our stuff even just by staying stationary in our houses or basically wherever we are. Now, for us who are just like these people we've mentioned earlier, then it has become more imperative than ever to stock up on badge holders! Quality samples of these are available here.

What They Are For

Why You Need Those Badge HoldersOkay, so probably some of us here are asking what badge holders are and what these are for. Well, basically a badge holder is a way to hold identification tags, name tags, I. D. cards, and the like. So when we say badge holder, it's like we're asking, in what way are we going to display this tag or card on my stuff or on ourbody. We could assume here therefore that these holders actually take on many forms. There are the basic clips, tags, necklaces or lanyards, hooks, and reels. You can find them all here.

We can even opt for added protection with either hard or soft plastic containers which are called protectors but for us is actually the original badge holders, if you will ask us. That's because these are actually those envelope like containers where we slip our I. D. cards in. So the other types just function to keep those things in the places where we intend them to be, such as our bags, luggage, and yes, our necks. Click here so you can have a better view of all our badge holder options.
So maybe now some of us will ask, do we really need a badge holder? We must say, you should! Here are the four reasons why:


This one is self-explanatory, but let me use this opportunity to expound further. With a badge holder, all you have to do is clip, hook, or hang, and in seconds, you have got a bag that is labeled with the proper identification of its owner, or a person who does not need to shout out his name any more to be identified. Find one that is most convenient for you here.


These days, badge holders are also required to follow the trend in fashion! So this gives us fashion forward people no excuse to skip those badge holder kits - with so many colors, designs, and shapes to choose from, all of us are sure to find at least a couple or so that click with our trendy tastes. You even have the option to customize your own badge holder without necessarily costing you extra! Click here to find out how to get your preferred lanyard drafted with a quote for free.

Why You Need Those Badge Holders


Our purpose is to make sure we do not lose our identification cards, right? You can bet on that with a badge holder. Just make sure to choose the type that fits your needs. You can click here to check your options.


These holders are not just for holding our badges. How about a handy coin holder? Or someplace to keep your little notes in? It could even handle all the tiny trinkets you want to carry, albeit in a creative way.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Few Rules to Follow While Buying Long Island Homes for Sale

Long Island is a county found in New York. It is full of vineyards, golf courses, beaches, beautiful mansions and so much more! People who visit this place will surely have a good and well-rested vacation.

But what if you want to live in Long Island permanently? There are several Long Island homes for sale that you can find. However, choosing the right home may cause you some problems, especially if it’s your first time to buy a real estate property. You don’t have to worry anymore! This article will give you tips in choosing homes for sale in Long Island.

Know the Price Range

Buying a house is a big investment. Thus, you need to know the price range of the houses for sale so you would know how much money you’ll have to spend in buying a new home in Long Island.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Real-Estate-AgentThe real estate industry offers a lot of choices. And as a buyer, you want to make sure that you have searched and checked everything before making a big decision. To find your dream home, you need to get a real estate agent because she gives you a list of homes that are on sale. You may need to spend a hefty amount, but once you’ve found your dream house, then every penny that you spent will be all worth it.

How Active Are You?

The reason you want to buy a house is because you want to give your family a shelter where they can do whatever they want to do. But not everyone has that kind of reason. Some people prefer to reside in a place where they can have fun activities without going somewhere else. Good thing there are Long Island homes for sale situated in areas where you can enjoy fun activities all year long. You just need to consider the activities that you normally do to find the right spot.

Do You Love Nature?

As mentioned earlier, Long Island offers vineyards, golf courses, and beaches. If you know the scenes that make you calm and happy, you will get to buy the perfect home for your family.

Schools and Amenities

schoolsWhen you are going to move to another place, it is inevitable that your kids will also transfer to another school. Fortunately, there are Long Island homes for sale, which are near the schools and other amenities like hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. There are also houses for sale in Long Island, which are near the mall. You just have to consider the distance from the house to these places to find the best home.

Meet the Community

Before you buy the property, you need to meet the community. Always remember that once you bought the property, you become a community member of that area. Thus, you need to meet the people who live in the subdivision. If you like the neighbourhood, then there is no reason not to buy the house.

Get a Specialist

It is imperative to assess the property before buying it. It will assure you of not getting unexpected expenses after you bought a Long Island home. To evaluate the house, you need to get a specialist for he will check everything, from legal compliance to the house’s condition. With the help of his advice, it is easy for you to decide whether you should buy the property or look for more Long Island homes for sale.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Highlighting Differences Of Golf Iron Sets For Men And Women

Buying golf iron sets is easy nowadays with all the distributors around. Due to their similar appearances, many people think that these sets only have the same club types in terms of features. Hence, it brings many people to ask questions about why there are clubs for males and females.

Contrary to popular opinion, golf clubs come with a wide range of features tailored according to males and females' requirements. The following are some of the differences noticed among golf iron sets for men and women:


Golf EquipmentIrons designed for women have heavier club head compared to the ones made for men. This feature helps in launching balls towards the target by adding extra weight aside from the raw force generated by a woman's swing. However, assessing its features will show that that clubs for women are still lighter in general despite having heavier club heads.

Shaft characteristics

Clubs for females also have softer flex and with shorter staff. Shafts that are more flexible give way to perfect hit together with the club head's weight contributing to the entire swing mechanics.

Shafts are also designed to be shorter compared to men's clubs. Looking at physical characters, women tend to be shorter compared to men, which means they need shorter shafts to suit their height. In case the female golfer is taller, she can have the shaft customized and own unique golf iron sets that meet her expectation.

Shaft materials used for women also tend to be different. Regular golf shafts are constructed from steel while those for women are made from graphite. Graphite material is lighter than steel, which is often used for men's clubs. Men can choose from steel and graphite shaft that will be ideal for the shot he is trying to achieve.

Loft measurements

Women's golf clubs' loft measurements are around 12 to 13 degrees, which is significantly higher to the usual 9 to 11 degrees for men.

Grip differences

Golf Just like with shaft, grip diameter for women is smaller than men's golf club grip. Physical differences also emerge as the reason why this feature is smaller compared to what men use. Women's hands are smaller, which means holding clubs for men can be difficult because of their wider diameters. Through the smaller grip measurement, women will be able to grip on their clubs properly and hit the ball without problems.

Aesthetic differences

Just like other products, the appearances of golf iron sets can also be good indicators whether the product is for men or for women. Clubs for men may come in generic neutral or male colors like blue. Women, on the other hand, can choose from a collection of pastel-colored golf clubs. However, color should be the least point to consider in obtaining golf clubs because it doesn't affect a player's performance.

Common misconceptions

While golf clubs may be designed for men and women, it doesn't mean that players should only use the clubs designed for them. Many players are able to play using the opposite sex's golf clubs. It is all about the feel in hitting the ball as well as matching the required strength according to the club's features. For instance, since women's golf club heads are heavier and with more flexible shafts, men who are using them should tweak the mechanics of hitting the ball from grip to force to achieve the right hit. Many players can train with these clubs to ensure they will work for their edge in the game.

Buyers can buy men and women's golf iron sets through distributors. Understanding the differences will help players know which clubs will work for them. They can also experiment and find out whether they are more comfortable using the opposite sex's golf clubs.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Getting to Know the Many Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards

Before the advent of the printed circuit board, electronic products used vacuum tubes. These huge, long, space-consuming tubes connected larger components of electronic devices such as the early computing machines and telecommunication instruments. Tube sockets, terminal strips and soldering the components were the main methods to keep these connected. This type of setup requires rooms of equipments to carry out simple services and functions.

Getting to Know the Many Advantages of Printed Circuit BoardsConnections were exposed to changes in temperatures and humidity, among many other factors, making them more vulnerable to damage. Maintenance was very costly and time consuming, too.

Then, came the printed circuit board, which made everything more compact; as a result, functions performed faster and became more reliable. These boards also made electronic products easier to manufacture and therefore cheaper. Connecting electronic components became much easier, too.

Since then, PCBs have become a crucial component of electronic instruments and equipment. One small board can contain a lot of passive and active electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and diodes.

All the components are connected to each via traces (copper lines). No need for bulky vacuum tubes and lengthy wires to connect the various parts. The entire circuit is more organized, less cluttered and more compact. This way, several circuits and boards can be connected together and fit into a small electronic product. Compact but fully functional.

In the world of business, the PCB has a high market value. For more details visit Aside from the above mentioned advantages of using PCBs, there are still more benefits, such as these:

Reduced electronic noise

Electronic noise refers to fluctuations in the electrical signal that occur at random. All electronic circuits exhibit this, at varying degrees. Noise can degrade the performance of the circuit, especially if these occur frequently. PCBs often have very low electronic noise. One kind of noise that is significantly reduced when using PCBs is shot noise.

This type of noise is generated when electrons travelling through the circuit leave and arrive at random. For example, in a vacuum tube (used in electronics before the arrival of PCBs), the electrons travel a considerable distance from one end (cathode) to the other (anode). Because of the distance and the width of the path the electrons travel, they arrive at random. This randomness creates shot noise. Over time, shot noise can significantly reduce the efficiency and reliability of the entire system.
Getting to Know the Many Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards

In PCBs, shot noise is significantly reduced. This is because of the presence of resistors and conductors within the circuit. These components allow the electrons to etherealize. Because of this, the electrons are able to move diffusively and arriving at relatively the same time. There is minimal randomness in the electron arrivals, which reduces shot noise.

Also, the length of the paths that electrons have to travel is significantly shorter and more organized. This reduces the radiation and the pickup of electromagnetic waves. It also lowers the cross-talk between the different circuit components and the different traces.

Easy to Diagnose and Repair

The different components and polarities on a printed circuit board are well-designed. These are also clearly labeled on the boards. These make installation and repair more convenient. A person would immediately know what the component and its specifications.


One PCB can accommodate a large amount of electronic components such as diodes, resistors, and ICs. One of the reasons that allow for the compact size is the absence of wires. The components are connected through copper traces. Wires would make the entire circuit cluttered and messy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Benefits Of Aquaponics

Benefits Of AquaponicsAny benefits to aquaponics which is considered a revolutionary system intended for growing plants by means of fertilizing the fruits and vegetable and other plants with the use of water from a fish tank. This is done in a sustainable closed system. This system is a combination of the aquaculture system as well as hydroponics. This is considered a productive way to cultivate organic plants, herbs, vegetables, and fruits while having additional benefit of having fresh fish which is also a healthy and safe source of protein. On a much larger scale, the aquaponics gardening system is an innovative solution to climate change, water pollution, food insecurity and effects of overfishing on the seas.

Benefits of Aquaponics Gardening

Aquaponics gardening is considered completely organic. In fact, this system uses 90 percent less water compared to conventional gardens. There are definitely a lot of benefits that aquaponics gardening brings. Here is a list:
  • Significant Reduction in Water Usage. All water used in the system is recycled. Moreover, it is necessary to change or perhaps, discard the water under normal operations. It has been known that this system makes use of 90 percent less water compared to the traditional gardening systems.
  • Faster Growth of Plants. It has been determined that the growth of plants on the aquaponics system is significantly faster compared to the traditional gardening method that makes use of soil.
  • Grow Healthier and Bigger Plants. Aquaponics gardening system has been known to produce bigger as well as healthier vegetables compared to those grown on soil.
  • No Commercial Fertilizers. If you like helping the environment, then one of the best benefits of aquaponics gardening is that you don’t have to use harmful commercial fertilizers. This is probably considered the most perfect system despite the fact that there are instances wherein supplements may be added to the system, which is intended to compensate for this non-ideal system. However, this is definitely considered as an organic system as there is no need to make use of commercial fertilizers to grow the plants.
  • No Need to Dispose Fish Waste. With this type of gardening system, there is no need to discard the fish waste. Moreover, there is also no need to provide any artificial filtration system. In aquaculture systems, there is a need to replace the water and provide filtration to remove fish waste or ammonia from the water. When compared to the aquaponics gardening system, filtration is needed as well for the medium in growing plants, while the plants are responsible for removing nitrates in the system.
  • Significantly Less  Land Needed. There is a considerable reduction in land that is used to grow the same plants. Since water as well as nutrients is significantly provided in this type of system, it becomes possible to grow plants of varied kinds together.
  • Easy Set Up Process. It might seem daunting if you’ve never don’t it before, but one of the benefits of aquaponics is that it’s this system is easier to set up for a year round use when compared to the conventional gardening method. This is because of the fact that the grow beds are actually raised off the ground and the growing area is compact which allows economical greenhouse type of system.
  • Organic System. The system supports an all organic method. The reason behind this is that the fish in the system are fed with organic feeds, and the system makes use of an organic method to grow plants.
  • Reduced Damages Associated with Pests. The aquaponics system produces healthy plants and fish, while there is a significant reduction of pests and other diseases affecting the plants.
  • No Weeding Needed. The typical gardening systems which use soil as grow beds require a lot of bending down and weeding. This is not true for the aquaponics gardening system. Thus, there is no need to weed or bend down.
  • Enables Home Fish Farming. The aquaponics system enables fish farming at home. You may grow fish types like tilapia, catfish, and trout. You can even harvest the fishes and serve them for dinner. However, if you do not like to eat the fish that you grow with this system, other non-edible types may be used like goldfish, koi, and any other decorative fresh water fish.
  • More Productive System. One of the biggest benefits of aquaponics gardening system is known to be more productive compared to soil gardening. The reason behind this would be the fact that you can pack the plants twice as closely as you can in soil. Moreover, the plants grow three times faster compared to plants grown using the traditional gardening systems.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Aquaponics Fish and Vegetables

Aquaponics Fish and Vegetables
The Aquaponics system works under two major supplements; one is fishes and another is vegetable plants. The fish in water tank provides the waste excretory compost for plant to survive. Plants, in turn acts as filter beds to provide continuous supply of clean water to fishes. As the water tank is looked after by you, and avoids any usage of pesticides and herbicides, the whole system becomes appropriate for organic farming.


A variety of fishes can be cultured into the water tank as par your own preferences. The breeds ranging from Barramundi to Yabbies depends on only one consideration for thriving. That consideration is for the temperature requirement of the fishes in the tank. For an instance you can cultivate Tilapia at 60s and temperature lower than that but a mid 70s temperature is needed by them to thrive. Similarly Trouts prefer a temperature of around higher 40s to mid 50s for most favorable conditions. If you are not so much into the idea of eating fish and prefer to use aquaponics only for growing vegetables, you can opt to keep some decorative fishes like Koi & Goldfish for fish tank purpose. The other species of fishes which can be grown in these fresh water tanks are silver perch, marron, catfish, bluegill and red claw crayfish.


Apart from plants that will require acidic or alkaline medium to thrive, all other plants can be easily grown in aquaponics. As the filter beds carrying plants will use fresh water from fish tanks the ph level is about neutral and thus does not support acidic or alkaline medium plants, but as such cases are limited to plants like azaleas and blueberries, you still left with a large variety of plants and vegetables that can be grown on these filter beds. A variety of green herbs and other vegetables like peas, beans, broccoli, tomato, radishes, pepper, carrots, cucumber, beets and other vegetables can be grown on these media beds.

Other third form of life involved

The critical role of bacteria as decomposing agent and red worms as compost forming ones can never be denied. These are those crucial elements in the whole system of aquaponics which perform the important task of converting harmful excretory waste of fishes into nitrites and then into nitrates. Thus they help in eliminating the toxicity from the system thereby introducing more useful components like nitrates which acts as a wonderful plant food. It one of the most important and strategic step in the whole process of cultivation of plants and fishes both.

Some precautions

It is essential to keep a check on these points as you really don't want to mess with the functioning of such a beautiful system:
  • Proper monitoring is needed for feeding fishes, temperature of system, proper aeration and working of pumps.
  • This might mean that you need to divide work for monitoring purposes among your residents.
  • Proper attention is to be given for selection of location as it plays a very strategic role.

How To Aquaponics Hydroponics

Aquaponics is exploding in popularity, and for good reasons. It can be simple to set up an aquaponics system, but there are a few essential things you will need to know if you want to get good results. With these five key ingredients, you can have spectacular results from your aquaponics.

1. Your System’s Location

Where you place your aquaponics system is very important. Choosing a sunny location is very important, unless you are only going to grow shade tolerant plants. If you are building a structure like a greenhouse for your system, think about nearby trees that may some day become a problem by growing up and shading it. If you are in a windy location, shelter from wind can be helpful. Make sure it is not in an area where there will be exposure to chemicals, for the safety of both the fish and plants.

2.Choosing the Right Fish

There are many types of fish that will do well with an aquaponics system. But in some parts of the world many species of fish are not allowed. Growing fish in areas where they are against the law can get you into big trouble with hefty fines. Some fish are more suited to different climates. If you are in a temperate climate, there are some species that will not do well and will even die if you don’t have a water heater to keep the water temperature high enough.

How To Aquaponics Hydroponics

3. Provide Plenty of Oxygen

Just like us, fish need oxygen and will quickly die without it. If they don’t get enough oxygen they will not grow as fast and can become sick and die. Too much oxygen is better than not enough. You can’t give them too much.

4. Nutrient Additives

There are cases where the fish won’t provide enough nutrients for the plants. In some cases you may want to add additional nutrients. Nitrogen, iron, calcium and potassium are common nutrients that you may need to add. Many of these can be added from organic or simple mineral sources. Your plants will tell you when they are lacking nutrients if you learn what to look for.

5. Planter Position

You will do yourself a great favor by placing your planters at a comfortable working level, usually waist level. This way you can work without bending over.
Aquaponics systems are an excellent way to grow both fish and vegetables. It has only recently started to become popular and we have yet to see what the future will hold for this revolutionary way of gardening.

Monday, July 2, 2018

What is backyard aquaponics ?

backyard aquaponicsIn case you are thinking about joining 1000s of other "ecologically-enthusiasts" and getting engaged in backyard aquaponics, then congratulations. You've made an intelligent decision on a number of levels, including health-wise, environmentally friendly, and economical. There are many good reasons why aquaponics has joined up with the interests of chicken raising, as an extremely popular backyard mission for so many households.

Aquaponics may seem like a fashionable brand new concept its roots go back 1000's of years. Its roots can be traced to the Aztecs, and ancient Egyptian and Far Eastern civilizations. This historic way of harvesting essentially combined fish farming with crop cultivation. Although these ancient methods have already been adapted to contemporary situations, the simple concept still is true.

You might already know, aquaponics is a technique of cultivating crops, and fish in a managed closed loop atmosphere. In terminology, you are merging "aquaculture" - fish farming, with "hydroponics" - growing plants with no soil. But wait, how does it work?

Whenever you keep fish in fish tanks, their waste materials build up within the water in which they're living, and at some point reach toxic amounts. However, what is toxic for the fish is truly good for plants. They virtually thrive on it. Thus, in aquaponics you carry the contaminated water to containers where plants are usually supported with their roots dangling in the water.

The plants soak up the nutrients they need from the water, which in this instance, are the waste chemicals from your fish tank. In doing this, they remove these pollutants, basically cleansing the water of the poisons. So you can then securely transport the water back in the fish tank. Recycling - pure, and easy, as 1000's of individuals are discovering.

This straightforward recycling process has several extremely important benefits both for you personally, and for the atmosphere.

You've got a ready supply of the freshest, most healthy, most delicious vegetables, and fresh fruits

Select the right fish and you have a supply of low-fat, high-proteins fish meats

Since the fish waste behaves as a natural fertilizer with the crops, it eliminates the requirement for adding fertilizers pesticide sprays, herbicides, or fungicides

Water is recycled in the tank set-up which saves around ninety percent of the water that could be required for growing in the ground.

It is extremely easy to set up a backyard aquaponics system and, having done this, will need very minor attention, and lowest running expenses.

Aquaponics is a completely balanced environmentally friendly system that provides you a basic way to provide the freshest possible source of those tasty green veggies, fresh fruit, and fish. What might be healthier than that? In addition, it definitely has significant ecological benefits, and will certainly help to decrease the expenses of your food.

All you need to do now is choose the best advice, and assistance. This is easily available on the internet. However select cautiously, so that you get your mission up and operating easily and quickly.

Backyard aquaponics is absolutely the approach to take for an ambitious "ecologically enthusiasts". It will surely make an impression on the children. Why not include them, and transform it into an entertaining, family endeavor. You simply cannot lose.

Starting a Backyard Aquaponics

You can start your own backyard aquaponics system very easily, even if you have only a small amount of space in your back yard. You do not need a lot of equipment or expertise to begin.

backyard aquaponicsBackyard aquaponics is simply the creation of an ecologically viable system to grow both fish and vegetables at home. You begin with the fish and the fish tank.

What you need to start your own backyard aquaponics system:
  • a small fish tank, or a plastic container to keep your fish
  • a small pump with a timer, to circulate the water
  • electric cable to your tank for the pump (the cable must be waterproof if your system is outdoors)
  • a flat-bottom container to use as a growing bed for your vegetables. A 2 x 3 foot container is ideal to begin with
  • water pipes to the aquaponics bed
  • an irrigation "grid" to fit over your bed to distribute the water evenly
  • gravel for a bedding medium
The best place to start your backyard aquaponics is on your back veranda if you have space. It can be moved into your back yard later once it is established. Always choose a semi-shaded area in your garden for your pond or fish tank.

Putting your backyard aquaponics system together
  • Place your fish container on a level lower than your aquaponics bed.
  • Remember, always use water that is not chlorinated for your fish (chlorine will kill your eco-system fish and bacteria). You can use rain water collected from a gutter, or river water. Never use tap water.
  • The bed should overlap the fish tank and be secured on a slight slope down to the fish tank.
  • Drill a few small holes near the bottom of the bed where it overlaps the fish tank. The circulated water will then drip back into the fish tank
  • Fill the bed with your medium
  • Place the pump in a secure place in the fish tank and fix it there.
  • Fit your irrigation grid over the bed
  • Connect the irrigation piping from the pump to the irrigation grid
  • Time your pump to work 15 minutes every hour. This allows the bed to be saturated with water and nutrients before a drying off and re-oxygenating period for your medium. Your plants benefit the most this way.
  • Switch on your pump and see that everything works.
  • Make sure your fish tank water level does not get too low during the pumping time.
  • Always have some clean water available to top up your tank

How Aquaponics Can Save The World

The beginning aquaponic gardener is often times very excited to get started with their system and ready to get those fish producing high quality fertilizer for their plants. Many beginners are so excited they end up ruining their system.

Aquaponics System 

Aquaponics SystemIt is important to take things slowly to make sure you have it all done properly before you begin. In an aquaponics system, the fish eat whatever feed is made available to them and they then excrete the waste in the forms of urine and fecal matter. The fish poop is pumped into the grow bed where it can be converted by bacteria. The nitrifying bacteria neutralize the waste and convert it to substances that are harmless to fish and beneficial to plants.

This cycle is called nitrification. In order for the nitrification process to take place, there needs to be enough bacteria to handle the amount of fish waste that will be running through the system. Usually the simple conversion for volume of water to volume of grow space can be as low as 1 to 1 or as high as 1 to 3. Essentially, the more surface area the bacteria have to live on, the more capacity for waste management you will have.

How Aquaponics Can Save The World

Many systems are media based systems which really just provides more surface area for these little critter to cling to. In my opinion a media based system is easiest system to work with. By providing gravel, hydroton, or other inexpensive aquaponic growing media. So, the question remains. How do I get my system to have enough bacteria? This is simple.

How Aquaponics Can Save The World

Bacteria are readily available in the air around us. Do not ever buy bacteria. These bacteria will congregate wherever there is food for them. The simplest form of food is any form of liquid waste. In fact, ammonia is commonly used because it is a form bound up nitrogen. Some people actually use urine as their source of ammonia, but this can contaminate the system. Before you add your fish, simply add a cap full of ammonia per 50 gallons of water to your system. In a few weeks you can test your water (with an aquarium test kit) and see how much ammonia is there, how much nitrites and how many nitrates there are. Once you have plenty of nitrates and not much ammonia, you're good to go. It's now safe for fish. Add the fish and let your aquaponic system take shape!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Aquaponics Systems

Vertical Tower Aquaponic SystemOver the past few years, Home Aquaponics has become extremely popular with many people and they use this method of combining a sustainable and organic system, which includes the keeping of freshwater fish, and enabling you to grow vegetables and fruits.

If you are reading this article whilst thinking about building an aquaponics system then you will discover some invaluable advice to help you and also to save you some time.

An Aquaponics system has many advantages over other methods of vegetable and fruit growing and has the added benefit of you having the satisfaction of keeping a healthy freshwater fish set-up. The system both keeps the fish healthy and they produce the nutrients which enable the fruit or vegetable plants to flourish.

The system is extremely sustainable with the waste produced from the fish being fed as nutrients to the plants which in turn remove those waste products including nitrates and ammonia and the fish do this by filtering and cleaning the water, and the process is then repeated in a constant cycle producing both healthy plants and healthy fish.

Most aquaponics systems, home or commercial, are based on using fish which will then develop during the growing cycle to end up being eaten. This is most definitely a win win situation for your plants and your fish this can only be achieved through this healthy environment that the aquaponics setup encourages.

Aquaponics Systems Made Easy

The system of Aquaponics can be described as a mixing of 2 established techniques: hydroponics and also aquaculture.

The existing method of aquaculture is based on the development of freshwater fish within a closed tank system. Next to this is the Hydroponics system which is effectively the growing of plants using a water based setup and this system uses little or no actual base soil to assist the growing. If you put the two systems together you get a hybrid method which is what we describe as Aquaponics.

At this point you may be thinking just what is the advantage in using an Aquaponics system to grow plants at home anyway?

Well it will be good to outline some of the major plus points below:

a) An Aquaponics system requires very little space.
b) The outcome of growing fresh plants (fruit & vegetables) plus edible fish.
c) You can set-up an aquaponics system very easily
d) It is fairly inexpensive to build and look after your home aquaponics setup.
e) Once you are happily producing your fruit and vegetables and great tasting fish you can upscale your setup and multiply the yield as desired.
f) Aquaponics can be a great hobby/pastime and you can find many groups or even local individuals whom you can learn and share your passion with along the way.

Growing and learning with your Aquaponics system

Aquaponics with catfishYou will undoubtedly learn more about the finer points of Aquaponics once you start and implement a small system. Within the learning curve of your home aquaponics journey many will want to increase growing production and also multiply the fish stocks to enable greater yield from their systems. Aquaponics Tanks

Remember that you can easily expand your aquaponics at home system and it does not necessarily need to cost a lot of money. However, it is worth mentioning as a starting point that most small home aquaponics systems can produce, on a six monthly basis, upwards of 30kg of fish output where the recommended fish type will be tilapia, which are the cichlids family of fish, these fish are very hardy and they grow very quickly. The organic plant output based on a six monthly cycle could also be well in the region of some 60kg which is not bad for home based growing.

The things to take into considering when expanding a home aquaponics system is that you, will at the point of expansion, obviously require more space to accommodate the fish tank and vegetable growing area. Moreover, you will then most probably have to purchase an upgraded pump system which will facilitate the increased power of water flow required between the growing beds and fish tank.

I would like to say that building your own aquaponics system is extremely rewarding both in terms of satisfaction, enjoyment through eating your produce and even making money through selling some of the produce.

Please have a go with your own home aquaponics system and see firsthand that this method is both extremely productive and fruitful and it also gives you an excellent pastime in which will give you countless hours of pleasure.

How to Guide - Aquaponics System

Careful planning of an aquaponics system will pay big dividends. Before investing in the labor and materials needed to build your own system it is essential to learn exactly what is needed beforehand. A How-To Guide is an irreplacable tool for your aquaponics system.

Vertical Tower Aquaponic System
Aquaponics is the marraige of traditional aquaculture and the relatively modern technology of farming with hydroponics. By combining these proven technologies you are leveraging the best of both. Ask any experienced practioner and they will tell you that combining aquacultaure with hydroponics will also eliminate disadvantages of the two existing technologies because the combined systems are cleaner and easier to maintain.

Balanced System:

mirrors the processes found in nature. Balance and harmony is maintained. This is a hallmark of any natural system.

Balance within the aquaponics system is maintained through the symbiotic relationship of the fish, the plants, and the bacteria.

Bacteria is overlooked since the microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye but play a key role in breaking down waste products and converting them into useful components for other organisms to use. Without the presence of bacteria, an aquaponics system would not work without constantly removing the waste byproducts from the holding tanks and replacing essential nutrients by hand.

How It Works:

The following is a brief description of an aquaponics system:
  • In the holding tank system, freshwater fish (tilapia are typical) live in about two hundred fifty to five hundred gallons of water. As you feed the fish daily, they consume the food and produce a continuous waste stream. Any unused fish feed becomes part of the waste as well. Ammonia is produced by the fish as a waste product.
  • As waste in the water builds up in the holding tank, the water in the holding tank portion of the system becomes polluted with waste matter and ammonia.
  • Bacteria begin to multiply and flourish since there is a continous, readily available food source from the combined waste stream. The microbes are actually naturally occurring microbes which live in the water. Certain types of bacteria break down the ammonia as it is produced by the fish.
  • When bacteria break down the ammonia, the ammonia byproducts are nitrates and water. Nitrates are common byproducts that also occur in aquatic systems where fish live such as ponds and even aquariums. Nitrates are also one of the main ingredients in commercial fertilizer. Too many nitrates cause problems with the growth of unwanted vegetation in the water such as algae which consume oxygen in the water and choke the fish.
This is where plants come to the rescue. Plants thrive on nitrates since they are a source of nutrients needed for growth. Nitrates are natural fertilizer for plants.
  • You have the fish in their holding tank producing ammonia which are broken down into nitrates. In a separate part of the system, the plants consume the nitrates and other waste products as food.
  • What could be toxic waste, if allowed to accumulate, coming from the fish section of the system is used by the plants as fertilizer.
  • The nutrient rich water from the fish section is circulated through the plant section and the plants filter and clean the water several times per day by absorbing the nutrients while producing lush vegatative growth.
The aquaponic system is an all-natural biological system that operates 24/7. Your fish exist in a healthy enviroment where you control how much food is added and since you always have plants to help process the waste byproducts the water is cleaned of toxic levels of nutrients. The system will operate in a state of biological balance. Your role is to monitor water levels, feed the fish and harvest fish so the fish holding tank is not overpopulated.