Aquaponics Fish and Vegetables

Aquaponics System

The Aquaponics system works under two major supplements; one is fishes and another is vegetable plants. The fish in water tank provides the waste excretory compost for plant to survive. Plants, in turn acts as filter beds to provide continuous supply of clean water to fishes. As the water tank is looked after by you, and avoids any usage of pesticides and herbicides, the whole system becomes appropriate for organic farming.


A variety of fishes can be cultured into the water tank as par your own preferences. The breeds ranging from Barramundi to Yabbies depends on only one consideration for thriving. That consideration is for the temperature requirement of the fishes in the tank. For an instance you can cultivate Tilapia at 60s and temperature lower than that but a mid 70s temperature is needed by them to thrive. Similarly Trouts prefer a temperature of around higher 40s to mid 50s for most favorable conditions. If you are not so much into the idea of eating fish and prefer to use aquaponics only for growing vegetables, you can opt to keep some decorative fishes like Koi & Goldfish for fish tank purpose. The other species of fishes which can be grown in these fresh water tanks are silver perch, marron, catfish, bluegill and red claw crayfish.

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Apart from plants that will require acidic or alkaline medium to thrive, all other plants can be easily grown in aquaponics. As the filter beds carrying plants will use fresh water from fish tanks the ph level is about neutral and thus does not support acidic or alkaline medium plants, but as such cases are limited to plants like azaleas and blueberries, you still left with a large variety of plants and vegetables that can be grown on these filter beds. A variety of green herbs and other vegetables like peas, beans, broccoli, tomato, radishes, pepper, carrots, cucumber, beets and other vegetables can be grown on these media beds.

Other third form of life involved

The critical role of bacteria as decomposing agent and red worms as compost forming ones can never be denied. These are those crucial elements in the whole system of aquaponics which perform the important task of converting harmful excretory waste of fishes into nitrites and then into nitrates. Thus they help in eliminating the toxicity from the system thereby introducing more useful components like nitrates which acts as a wonderful plant food. It one of the most important and strategic step in the whole process of cultivation of plants and fishes both.

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Some precautions

It is essential to keep a check on these points as you really don’t want to mess with the functioning of such a beautiful system:

  • Proper monitoring is needed for feeding fishes, temperature of system, proper aeration and working of pumps.
  • This might mean that you need to divide work for monitoring purposes among your residents.
  • Proper attention is to be given for selection of location as it plays a very strategic role.

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