Aquaponics Systems

Vertical Tower Aquaponic SystemOver the past few years, Home Aquaponics has become extremely popular with many people and they use this method of combining a sustainable and organic system, which includes the keeping of freshwater fish, and enabling you to grow vegetables and fruits.

If you are reading this article whilst thinking about building an aquaponics system then you will discover some invaluable advice to help you and also to save you some time.

An Aquaponics system has many advantages over other methods of vegetable and fruit growing and has the added benefit of you having the satisfaction of keeping a healthy freshwater fish set-up. The system both keeps the fish healthy and they produce the nutrients which enable the fruit or vegetable plants to flourish.

The system is extremely sustainable with the waste produced from the fish being fed as nutrients to the plants which in turn remove those waste products including nitrates and ammonia and the fish do this by filtering and cleaning the water, and the process is then repeated in a constant cycle producing both healthy plants and healthy fish.

Most aquaponics systems, home or commercial, are based on using fish which will then develop during the growing cycle to end up being eaten. This is most definitely a win win situation for your plants and your fish this can only be achieved through this healthy environment that the aquaponics setup encourages.

Aquaponics Systems Made Easy

The system of Aquaponics can be described as a mixing of 2 established techniques: hydroponics and also aquaculture.

The existing method of aquaculture is based on the development of freshwater fish within a closed tank system. Next to this is the Hydroponics system which is effectively the growing of plants using a water based setup and this system uses little or no actual base soil to assist the growing. If you put the two systems together you get a hybrid method which is what we describe as Aquaponics.

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At this point you may be thinking just what is the advantage in using an Aquaponics system to grow plants at home anyway?

Well it will be good to outline some of the major plus points below:
a) An Aquaponics system requires very little space.
b) The outcome of growing fresh plants (fruit & vegetables) plus edible fish.
c) You can set-up an aquaponics system very easily
d) It is fairly inexpensive to build and look after your home aquaponics setup.
e) Once you are happily producing your fruit and vegetables and great tasting fish you can upscale your setup and multiply the yield as desired.
f) Aquaponics can be a great hobby/pastime and you can find many groups or even local individuals whom you can learn and share your passion with along the way.

Growing and learning with your Aquaponics system

Aquaponics with catfishYou will undoubtedly learn more about the finer points of Aquaponics once you start and implement a small system. Within the learning curve of your home aquaponics journey many will want to increase growing production and also multiply the fish stocks to enable greater yield from their systems. Aquaponics Tanks

Remember that you can easily expand your aquaponics at home system and it does not necessarily need to cost a lot of money. However, it is worth mentioning as a starting point that most small home aquaponics systems can produce, on a six monthly basis, upwards of 30kg of fish output where the recommended fish type will be tilapia, which are the cichlids family of fish, these fish are very hardy and they grow very quickly. The organic plant output based on a six monthly cycle could also be well in the region of some 60kg which is not bad for home based growing.

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The things to take into considering when expanding a home aquaponics system is that you, will at the point of expansion, obviously require more space to accommodate the fish tank and vegetable growing area. Moreover, you will then most probably have to purchase an upgraded pump system which will facilitate the increased power of water flow required between the growing beds and fish tank.

I would like to say that building your own aquaponics system is extremely rewarding both in terms of satisfaction, enjoyment through eating your produce and even making money through selling some of the produce.

Please have a go with your own home aquaponics system and see firsthand that this method is both extremely productive and fruitful and it also gives you an excellent pastime in which will give you countless hours of pleasure.

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