Be A Social Networking Floosy – Use Comedy

Being a motivational speaker, I’m a fervent supporter of Youtube, Myspace, Google +, and everything Google-Bing-Yahoo related. I’m keen on social media given it helps motivational speakers like me to stay in touch with the many people I connect with in life and in my speaking business. And staying in touch involves staying in front of their mind, which normally results in speaking jobs. What’s more, it gives me the chance to genuinely get acquainted with people – Online networking. Got to love it.

I’ve been monitoring to find out which content get the most thumbs up, shares, and feedback. Is it the article announcing a fresh sale on chicken wings? A posted article on how to market to Gen-Xers? An article on what syrup you opted to slather on your hotcakes at the Waffle House? Or is it the blog post where you recite a widely known individual every other sentence? Or how about the posts when you discuss whether it ought to be Xmas tree as opposed to holiday tree?

I came to three conclusions:

1. This will depend on the individual reading the article. A lot of people will comment on one kind of write-up a great deal more another. So that you can’t truly declare that there’s a proper way and a wrong way. Still, there have been quite a few articles or blog posts which led to more action on a regular basis. Therefore, take a look at two and three.

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2. People today react to humorous articles. I witness HUMOROUS articles and e-mails and multimedia clips propagated more than anything else. Which should show you something regarding your clients, and the people you want to effect. They really love to bust a gut. And they’re going to reply to comedy. So, use comedy whenever feasible. It’s infectious. And everyone understands that contagious is awesome in regards to social media marketing,

3. Men and women react to content that effect them emotionally. Which is quite possibly the basis for my second point. Folks react the most when they can’tkeep from responding. Maybe that write-up stepped on your level of sensitivity to a specific touchy issue. Possibly the person issued something which is so true to what you think, that you couldn’t refrain from putting in your two cents. Perhaps you simply are unable to avoid diving into a fight, even when you are not familiar with the participants. Maybe that blog post requested help, and you answered the call. Something to be picked up here? Work to connect with your clients on an emotional level. Know what they are concerned about. Don’t simply talk to their intelligence, talk to their sentiment. This is the spot where they buy from.

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