Benefits Of Aquaponics


Any benefits to aquaponics which is considered a revolutionary system intended for growing plants by means of fertilizing the fruits and vegetable and other plants with the use of water from a fish tank. This is done in a sustainable closed system. This system is a combination of the aquaculture system as well as hydroponics. This is considered a productive way to cultivate organic plants, herbs, vegetables, and fruits while having additional benefit of having fresh fish which is also a healthy and safe source of protein. On a much larger scale, the aquaponics gardening system is an innovative solution to climate change, water pollution, food insecurity and effects of overfishing on the seas.

Aquaponics System

Benefits of Aquaponics Gardening

Aquaponics gardening is considered completely organic. In fact, this system uses 90 percent less water compared to conventional gardens. There are definitely a lot of benefits that aquaponics gardening brings. Here is a list:

  • Significant Reduction in Water Usage. All water used in the system is recycled. Moreover, it is necessary to change or perhaps, discard the water under normal operations. It has been known that this system makes use of 90 percent less water compared to the traditional gardening systems.
  • Faster Growth of Plants. It has been determined that the growth of plants on the aquaponics system is significantly faster compared to the traditional gardening method that makes use of soil.
  • Grow Healthier and Bigger Plants. Aquaponics gardening system has been known to produce bigger as well as healthier vegetables compared to those grown on soil.
  • No Commercial Fertilizers. If you like helping the environment, then one of the best benefits of aquaponics gardening is that you don’t have to use harmful commercial fertilizers. This is probably considered the most perfect system despite the fact that there are instances wherein supplements may be added to the system, which is intended to compensate for this non-ideal system. However, this is definitely considered as an organic system as there is no need to make use of commercial fertilizers to grow the plants.
  • No Need to Dispose Fish Waste. With this type of gardening system, there is no need to discard the fish waste. Moreover, there is also no need to provide any artificial filtration system. In aquaculture systems, there is a need to replace the water and provide filtration to remove fish waste or ammonia from the water. When compared to the aquaponics gardening system, filtration is needed as well for the medium in growing plants, while the plants are responsible for removing nitrates in the system.
  • Significantly Less  Land Needed. There is a considerable reduction in land that is used to grow the same plants. Since water as well as nutrients is significantly provided in this type of system, it becomes possible to grow plants of varied kinds together.
  • Easy Set Up Process. It might seem daunting if you’ve never don’t it before, but one of the benefits of aquaponics is that it’s this system is easier to set up for a year round use when compared to the conventional gardening method. This is because of the fact that the grow beds are actually raised off the ground and the growing area is compact which allows economical greenhouse type of system.
  • Organic System. The system supports an all organic method. The reason behind this is that the fish in the system are fed with organic feeds, and the system makes use of an organic method to grow plants.
  • Reduced Damages Associated with Pests. The aquaponics system produces healthy plants and fish, while there is a significant reduction of pests and other diseases affecting the plants.
  • No Weeding Needed. The typical gardening systems which use soil as grow beds require a lot of bending down and weeding. This is not true for the aquaponics gardening system. Thus, there is no need to weed or bend down.
  • Enables Home Fish Farming. The aquaponics system enables fish farming at home. You may grow fish types like tilapia, catfish, and trout. You can even harvest the fishes and serve them for dinner. However, if you do not like to eat the fish that you grow with this system, other non-edible types may be used like goldfish, koi, and any other decorative fresh water fish.
  • More Productive System. One of the biggest benefits of aquaponics gardening system is known to be more productive compared to soil gardening. The reason behind this would be the fact that you can pack the plants twice as closely as you can in soil. Moreover, the plants grow three times faster compared to plants grown using the traditional gardening systems.
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