Bring ‘Em To Their Feet With Your Next Sales Presentation

If you want to stand up and stick out among your competitors , you have to deliver a presentation that doesn’t just get the job done , but outshines the others. Being good enough is no longer enough to get you the business. You have to be unforgettable . So how can you deliver an unforgettable presentation ? By treating it like a show . And who better to help you take that presentation to the next level than a performer and motivational speaker. Here are some insider secrets that performers use to deliver an unforgettable experience. Try them in your next presentation and see if you don’t get a standing ovation.

Be Creative
Take a look at how the other sales people are doing it and do something different. Give your client something they didn’t expect. Different has a longer lasting impression than better.

Don’t Give Information – Tell A Story
Why not start with a story? What a powerful way to begin! Tell a story about someone who did not use your service, and how it had a negative impact .

Shorter Is Better
Attention spans are short. Don’t talk too long. There is more power in a short phrase. The more you add to a powerful statement, the more that statement loses its power.

Make it About Them Not You
This is not about you and your agenda – it’s about them.

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Start With A Bang And End With A Bang
People remember what you said first and last the longest.

Practice Your Delivery
Test it out in front of individuals who will give you honest feedback, and make sure they know you are going for remarkable , not just getting the job done .

Use Humor
It’s the fastest way to connect with your listener. Use the humor that works best for you.

Be Humble
People buy from people they like and trust – and people trust those who are humble . Make sure your motives , content , and gestures come from a character of humbleness.

Be Genuine
Don’t be too scripted or you will come across as wooden. Be genuine.

Be Enthusiastic and Own What You Are Saying
Don’t just stand up there and relay information as if you are a disinterested third party. I want to know you believe in your product.

Having a Ghost Writer is Not a Sin
No one will care who wrote it as long as you deliver it well.

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