Business Humor – Working With People

Many people have jobs that require working with people. And do you know what’s frightening about working with people? At least for the entrepreneur, the amount of customer service our hard won customers receive relies on the emotional state our workers are in on any certain day.

Allow me to hit you with an example: give me a call on a day when my hair-do plays nice and I don’t have to pop the clutch to get my car moving, and I’m all “Thank you for phoning Violet’s Vinyl Roofing! Allow us to return your car top to its initial bumpy goodness!” Sickening, I know. On the flip side, ring me up on a morning when my darling six year old unleashes a melt down insisting on wearing his pj’s and cowboy boots to school and you’ll probably get “Vinyl roofing is for AUTOMOTIVE ROOFS!!! What type of *&^%$ bonehead wants to put it on their home?!!!”

Call me on Friday after lunch: “Harriet’s House of Hair. Certainly! We can fit you in this afternoon. Come on over darling and we’ll fix you right up.” But call me Monday morning before I’ve had my coffee: “Harriet’s House of Hair. You’re getting married so you have to have your hair done? Is that not just peachy. I wouldn’t fork out too much. You know it won’t last. He’s most likely already doing the nasty with somebody else. How is Tuesday at two?”

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Good thing I’m not employed in the ER. First hour of my work day with God as my witness, I will do everything in my power in order to save your 97 year-old grand mother who just got hammered by a locomotive. Yet come to me towards the end of my shift when I’m heading out for a week at the lake and I’m sorry, but I’ll really need to pull the plug. He’s fifty. He has lived long enough.

There’s no doubt about it. For many people, their temperament on any particular day decides if they find their job fun, or simply hell with a phone and computer system. Our mood has an effect on how we take care of our customers, which in turn affects our achievements. Sure, that’s tired motivational speaker talk, but it is still true. However, how many individuals permit what’s happening on any given day affect how they will feel. We wait around on conditions or other people to determine whether you will come across us smiling, or wearing horns and flicking out a forked tongue. There’ll always be difficult customers, change, and anxiety. You cannot wait around for them to give you happiness. It’s your choice to control your feelings. Period. You choose whether to see your place of work as an enjoyable place or as just hell with fluorescent lighting. Your prosperity relies on it.

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