Five Things to Look for in a Webhost Provider

Five Things to Look for in a Webhost Provider

Choosing a web host for your website can be tough. Here are five points to look for in a hosting provider:

1. What species of web hosting do you need?

Do you need Linux based hosting or Windows based hosting? Are you looking for a dedicated server or just a place to store a single website? There are advantages to having a dedicated server, and a good web host will be willing and able to guide you through the process either through telephone, email, or live chat, so that you can be confident you get the best plan for your requirements and price.

2. Cost

Check around and look at the prices that other web hosts are oferring. Account for things like how much bandwidth and disk space are offered by each web host for the price. The lowest prices may or may not include all the features you need though, so be certain to compare carefully.

3. Storage Space

How much disk space do you really need.What type of site are you intending to have hosted? Is it a plain text-based site, informational, with only a couple picturesphotos and graphics? In this case, disk space is not really a big deal. Thus, you can decide to pay less attention to how much disk space offered, and be concerned more about the other features a particular web host may offer you, such as support or a solid reputation in the business.

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On the other hand, if your website is based on music or graphics on it, disk space becomes a serious concern! In this case, you’ll want to look for the best disk space value, so to speak.

4. Data transfer (also known as data transfer)

What is Data transfer and why is it important? Data transfer basically refers to the amount of traffic allowed per month, meaning how much digital information can travel from the server (where your site lives) to the person’s computer who uses your website. It’s actually that straight-forward.

Each time someone uses your website, their computer has to download all the pictures, graphics, text, and other multimedia your website may contain, so that their browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) can display the website for the person viewing it.

What does this mean in plain English? You have a similar concern here as you do with disk space: if your website has heaps of pictures, video, music or other multimedia content, you will need a lot of Data transfer to be provided every month by your web host. But again, if your website mostly contains text and maybe 1 or twopictures, this feature is far less critical!

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Another consideration here is how many people you expect visit your website. If your website is well promoted and marketed, you will need more Data transfer. If it’s just a website for a couple friends and family members, Data transfer is less crucial.

5. The People Factor

This includes a dependable reputation and dependable support. While this ought to go without saying, it is critical to remember that the cheapest deal does not equate to the best value – finding the cheapest price monthly (or yearly) for your webhost does not necessarily mean the best support after the sale! Word to the wise: research a web host before you subscribe to anything more than a month of hosting.

If you want to try a web host out because they have competitive pricing, do so carefully by beginning with one month of service. If they don’t follow up after the sale with dependable technical support and dependable support, move your website somewhere else! Simple as that!

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