Going Green Can Add Years to Your Life

Going Green Can Add Years to Your Life
Going Green

If you haven’t heard about the importance of everyone doing his part to save the environment, you probably haven’t watched the news, read the paper or surfed the Web in decades.

The effects of our everyday actions on the environment can be devastating. They have contributed to pollution, global warming, animal extinction, and all sorts of other problems.

Going green has numerous benefits. Obviously it helps reduce our negative impact on the environment, and it can help turn around the damage that has already been done if we all work together.  But did you know that going green is also good for our health? What’s good for the earth can also help us live longer, healthier lives. Here’s how:

  • The more people eat organic, the more farmers will have an incentive to produce organic food.  This will reduce the amount of pesticides and preservatives used, and it encourages more sensible and ethical treatment of livestock. And eating organic is also much healthier for us.
  • Eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables adjusts the demand for these food items, resulting in greater production of produce and less production of meat.  Much more resources and energy are used for raising livestock and producing meat than for growing crops, so shifting the focus to crops has a positive effect on the environment. And since fruits and vegetables are packed with the vitamins our bodies need, eating more of them is very good for us.  It can help us maintain a healthy weight, too.
  • Carpooling or using public transportation helps reduce the demand for energy and the production of pollutants. Less pollution means cleaner air for all of us.  And by not having to navigate rush hour traffic every day on the way to work, we reduce our stress levels, thereby reducing our risk for such problems as heart disease.
  • Walking or riding a bicycle for transportation as much as possible reduces pollution even further.  And when done regularly, these activities are great for our health.
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products helps keep harmful chemicals out of the water supply.  Not using these chemicals in our homes is also good for us and our families, because we don’t have to breathe them and have less risk of adverse reactions.
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We know that going green provides a brighter future for all the people, animals and plants of the world, but it has some effects that benefit us personally as well.  By doing what we can to protect the environment, we can also have better health, and hence a longer lifespan. With all these benefits, going green should be an easy choice.

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