How Do Collagen Beds Fight and Diminish the Effects of Aging?

Most of us would wish to look as energetic and vivacious as we did at the prime of our youth. If someone told us that they could repair our damaged skin naturally, we would definitely think more than twice to believe them. Here, we will throw light on one such newest technology from the field of beauty and aesthetics. Collagen Beds; what could they possibly be?

What Is Collagen?

Scientifically, Collagen is a fibrous protein produced in our body which holds the skin cells, bones and muscles in their place. In simple language, it’s the superglue that holds our body together and replaces all the damaged cells.

Now, it all works fine till the time we are youthful and energetic. Suddenly, when we start aging, the amount of a specific type of collagen produced in the human body diminishes gradually. This begins resulting in various kinds of disorders such as weakness and pain in joints and muscles, drying of skin, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation of skin, lifeless hair and brittle nails.

How to Combat Collagen Deficiency and Aging?

Replenishing the scarcity of collagen by either supplying it temporarily or generating it permanently within the body are the two ways in which collagen deficiency can be coped with.

There are lots of cosmetic creams, which contain collagen, and are aimed at alleviating skin aging signs and symptoms. However, these creams regenerate the cells only in the upper strata of the skin, which degenerates the fastest and hence the benefits due to these creams are short-lived.

There are tablets manufactured which contain collagen derived from animals such as cows, pigs and horses. However, their use is not widespread because of their limited effectiveness in regenerating or replenishing lost collagen.

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The Advent of Collagen Beds

A revolutionary, pain-free technique aimed at accelerating the slowed-down cell regeneration process in the human body due to aging, was introduced to the world almost two decades ago.

This was the production of a bed which used light therapy to combat aging. At that time, it was not proved quite efficient due to lack of enough research and dearth of advanced technologies to produce light at the exact wavelength to produce desired results.

Gradually, with the advancements in the field of beauty and cosmetic technology, it was established that when a 633 nanometer red-coloured light is used for skin and body treatments for collagen-deficiency, commendable results are bound to surface.

This light impacts the layers beneath our skin in such a manner that it results in regeneration of collagen naturally. This treatment is not supposed to create magic, but has a gradual, certain and a lasting effect. An individual seeking the benefits needs to undergo a periodic treatment in the form of 24 sessions spread over 8 weeks, which makes it 3 per week of 15 minutes each.

Collagen beds are equipped with the latest power tube technology to produce the desired effect over a period of time. They are available in compact, space-saving versions which can be conveniently fitted in your house. You can get utmost benefit of this ultra-modern technology at never-before affordable prices without having to step out of your house. When not in use, these collagen beds can be easily stored due to their wheeled stand which can be tilted.

What Does a Collagen Bed Do?

The long-term benefits of this treatment are:
  1. Rejuvenation – firmness and toning of your aging skin
  2. Improved blood circulation in your body
  3. Boosting the repair process of damaged tissues
  4. Healing process of your body
  5. Assuage acne, dark spots and scars
  6. Stronger and healthier hair and nails
  7. Alleviate pigmentation
  8. Treat sun-tan
  9. Diminishes stretch marks
  10. Relaxes the body and mind
  11. Relieves muscular and joint aches
  12. Known to be effective in Eczema and Psoriasis
What’s more this is a painless process which can be easily accommodated in your daily routine. You need not compromise with your time or the safety of your body to avail of this therapy via collagen beds in the comfort of your home.


Natural scepticism is inherent to humans and to trust a person or promise blindly without evaluating the possibilities, weighing the outcomes and researching enough is dire imprudence.

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Hence, we did a lot of research from various sources to arrive at this conclusion. Collagen beds are preferable over most other anti-aging therapies because of the following reasons:

  1. It uses light to naturally repair your body cells.
  2. It is pain-free, harmless and easy-to-use.
  3. There is no harmful UV light involved.
  4. It is non-invasive in nature, which means it does not require you to undergo any surgery or even an injection to get the benefits.
  5. It is affordable compared to laser and Botox treatments.
Hence, collagen beds are the safest and proven technology to cope with aging, without letting its manifestations overpower your personality.

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