How to Attain Poor Reviews and Make Your Audience Disconnect – Part 2

+++ This is part 2 of a series on factors that affect how well a speaker makes fans out of their audience: How to Attain Poor Reviews and Make Your Audience Disconnect – Part 1 +++

Strolling In At The Last Minute In Causes You To Seem Like A Diva

I’ll let you in on a secret – sauntering into the conference minutes prior to giving a presentation causes you to appear like a huge conceited prima donna who couldn’t be bothered to do much more than come in, perform, and exit. It doesn’t matter to me if you’ve got a smart reason – your attendees don’t understand that you’ve got a sensible excuse. Perhaps you need a moment to reflect and do an incantation and exercise your vocal cords. Too bad. The crowd needs to see you circulating among them – as one of them. It offers you an edge. And when you want to sway others, you require all the advantage you can find.

How You Carry Yourself Within The Room Prior To Presenting

Okay, you’ve made the prudent choice to stroll about the event and chew the fat with people before the event commences. Excellent move . It’s tough, I understand. Glad handing can be tricky and might pitch you into that whole “will he speak with me if I talk to him” attitude. But deal with it and get it done regardless. Your show has already begun. For some you are a celebrity. In some instances they have paid to come see you. Provide them with their value for their money by finishing the event. And don’t forget that they are watching you while you move around the conferece room, pointing to their buddies and whispering, “That’s the presenter” like you’re a boy raised by wolves in a cage on exhibit. Just remember to work the room with a grin on your face. Don’t let your shield down. They are paying attention to you. If you’re making the effort to be friendly now, you’ll have good friends you’re getting up and start to talk. You’ll be on top of the world.

The Introduction

Contrary to popular belief, the intro isn’t an encyclopedia of your latest and greatest accomplishments. I don’t actually feel that it will act to establish your credibility. Set up your credibility in the publicity materials and the program. You’re the performer. Giving you believability. The intro should loosen up the attendees and open up the program. Utilize it to get them giggling, amuse them, lure them, raise their interest, express your eagerness to be there with these people. Lead-ins ought to be utilized as a tool to support them, not your vanity. Why not take advantage of yet another chance to connect to your audience?

How You Act While You’re Being Announced

Let me tell you a little tip: the audience will watch you when you are being introduced. Believe it or not, you aren’t unseen. Don’t let your defenses down. Keep your smile. You can even use this opportunity to make funny faces and get laughs behind the emcee’s back. Listeners enjoy that. Whatever you do, don’t communicate discomfort at anything. No ifs, ands, or buts. We notice that. And we don’t like it. I just recently watched a speaker positioned off to the edge of the stage waiting for her opportunity to talk. Evidently she didn’t feel like the individuals speaking just before her should be speaking so much. She kept on checking out her wrist watch with a harried expression. The longer they spoke (her customers) the more annoyed she got to the degree where she was actually making gestures at them to finish up. I was more interested in her reaction than I was in the lead-in. Once she got behind the podium I had come to the conclusion that i did not care for her. We want to think we don’t make overly quick conclusions that way, but many of us do. And in this example, it may have been so easily averted.

How You Walk Up To The Lectern

You don’t have to spend countless hours training the method that you step up to a podium, but for goodness sakes, at a minimum contemplate it for a moment. Hold yourself with full confidence, energy, and enthusiasm. Don’t walk up there like you’re terrified and you’re frightened you forgot to zip your trousers. Keep in mind that we are observing you.

The True Character Of A Motivational Speaker Is Found When They Depart The Platform

So you’ve said your last word, heard the roaring accolades, and your work is complete. Whoa… don’t run off. Your work is not finished yet. Regardless if you are done performing the crowd is nevertheless observing you. What will these people notice? Will they observe you disengage and dash out the exit ? Are they going to notice you holler at the waiter for not saving your lunch? Have you instantly turned into this chaotic person aggravated that you would waste irreplaceable seconds of their time to come up and speak? I’ve encountered it repeatedly. And so does your audience. We’re not idiots. We’ve been watching you to view what you are actually like when you step off the stage. We have been holding out to find out if you live out what you say. Presenters are not just paid to deliver info , or the customer would simply buy your manual. Professional speakers are paid to provide an experience . And that experience doesn’t finish at the closing statement of your speech. It continues for everyone who wants to come up and tell you their story – embrace you – let you know how their existence was changed . Don’t act as if these folks are exasperating chiggers. You aren’t the perfect. Your delivery does not conclude at the standing ovation. It ends when the last automobile has pulled out of the parking area. These are the individuals that will run out and tell others about you. These are the individuals that will share about you on Linked In and on their blogs. Make them fans. How you handle folks before and after you speak will affect your presentation in a significant way. Have you thought to utilize it to your benefit?

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