How to Attain Poor Reviews and Make Your Audience Disconnect

How to Attain Poor Reviews and Make Your Audience Disconnect
How to Attain Poor Reviews and Make Your Audience Disconnect

How Non-Verbal Things Affect Your Success On The PlatformWhether you are a funny motivational speaker like me, interviewing for employment, a freshly minted Chief Executive Officer addressing your firm, or a sales representative giving a hefty material-dense sales speech – you have an audience. Your opportunity to bond with your audience is highly dependent upon your expertise to make a positive sentimental bond. Individuals buy from folks they like. It doesn’t matter what what we’re “endorsing” the bottom line is that we are promoting ourselves.

Although there are several schools of thought about what produces an exciting, interesting, uplifting, beneficial, and valuable presentation – that is not what I intend to touch upon in this post. Today I want to talk about those things that turn a crowd off before you can ever open your mouth. Why devote countless hours on your speech, just to forfeit your attendees before you even get the opportunity to deliver it? I’ve been in the crowd and I’ve seen it take place. Lose your audience in the beginning . and odds are good you won’t ever get them back.

The Listener Begins In A Position Of Distrust

I prefer to believe that my attendees are excited and looking forward to learn whatever I have to express. I prefer to feel that they’re ready to hang on my every expression and offer me the total benefit of their every doubt. But I additionally like to believe that my bottom is petite and leg warmers will come back in fashion. The hard icy truth is that a majority of listeners are perched there taking your measure, arms crossed in the common stubborn stance, pondering what gives you the expertise to be standing up there telling them what to do. That’s why they try to get the chair in the rear – to allow them to slip out when they can no longer stand the horror. People are busy and very protective of their time. They may come into the room considering all the other serious things they need to be doing.

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Your Good Name Precedes You

In many cases, your attendees have “met” you long before the conference. Chances are good they received a promotional piece announcing your appearance. Here is the first opportunity to relate. Use it prudently. Generally you’ll have a write up in the conference magazine, or even a poster outside the conference room. Think about how you would like to be introduced and how you would like to be received by your listeners. Would you like to be seen as a top-notch thought leader with a full itinerary and many more significant things to do than to be here with these people? Do you want to be seen as down-to-earth? What does a uninteresting biography do for you? How about a video presenting yourself to the audience? It’s not quite as important what you elect to say, as much as it is crucial that you carefully consider the way you desire them to think about you.

Your Speech Starts The Instant You Enter The Room

Or even better – the second you walk in to the parking lot. You don’t know where your attendees may be lurking. She could be the lady cleaning her hands alongside you, or purchasing that iced coffee in the lobby coffee shop. He may be in line in back of you at the registration desk, or hanging out close by when you holler at the desk clerk for giving you a room facing south. Simple things like smiling at folks when you pass can help you start to make constructive sentimental relationships with your attendees. They are very impressed when they recognize you were nice even when you didn’t need to be.

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