How To Be Stylish & Fashionable

“Fashion” and “Style” are two most common words that are used present days frequently. people crazy about How to be stylish or how to look stylish and How to be fashionable. Now first of all, one should know that what is fashion so that he may know how to be fashionable girl and what is style actually!
Fashion and style are the need of today. A person that is looking glamorous, is commonly said to be stylish and fashionable. Styles vary from person to person but fashion does not!
Fashion is a thing that is followed by people. Fashion is launched by fashion designers mainly with respect to the era and seasons. And celebrities, models and stars etc do give glamorous looks that is said fashion or somehow style. And the style! That is not as the same among people because every person has his/her own style,it varies from person to person. The things you are putting on,is your style. If we think about word “style” deeply,it is looked like “the things that suit you the most,are stylish,and that is your style.”
Now a days, people are crazy about to follow the things that are in fashion. The dressing, the shoes, the accessories, the colours, all these items are introduced in fashion industry by fashion designers, and then, are followed by the people.
Now question arises, how can you be stylish and fashionable! So, in this context, you just have to research and observe around! That is the right way leading you towards being stylish and fashionable. When you start to make researches and observations around, you get so many points in your mind and so many techniques also, to be stylish enough! You see the dresses, stitching styles of the dresses and the colours that are in fashion, then you get so many ideas about to be fashionable and stylish.

Not only dresses, but the shoes and accessories also you get to be known about. In this way,You can have the ideas that what to wear, how to wear and with what kind of accessories to wear according to the occasions. There are different and various kinds of outfits according to different occasions. Casual fashion, formal fashion and semi-formal fashion! These are the kinds according to the occasions. Party wear, bridal wear and informal wear are some other kinds of outfits. And all these vary from time to time.

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If you want to be stylish,you must know that what kind of dress designs and colours suit you the most! What kind of cuts suit you the most! What kind of accessories suit you and you can carry them easily! You should choose things according to your body shape and height. And your comfort should be your preference too! An addition of these all aspects with a balance can give you the most stylish looks!

Always do that kind of fashion that is suitable for your personality i.e, follow the fashion but in this manner that look attractive on you rather than giving you odd,strange,over or weird looks. Your style is the index of your personality,so you have to be much careful,updated and awared in this context. Never own the things that are not made for your personality. Observe around to be updated via electronic media and print media.

Both medias are playing important role to acknowledge people according to the time! Fashion magazines guide you nicely. Online stuff guides you and fashion shows ets on television also give you much information. So, that’s all about fashion and style you can have!

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