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Business Humor – Working With People

May 16, 2018 admin 0

Many people have jobs that require working with people. And do you know what’s frightening about working with people? At least for the entrepreneur, the amount of customer service our hard won customers receive relies on the emotional state our workers are in on any […]

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Humor Power Tip: The Laugh Goes Last

May 14, 2018 admin 0

There are a couple basic sections to any joke – the set up along with the punch – the first part (set up) where you seriously build up a premise, and then the next element where you stun the listeners with an surprising ending. The […]

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Ten Ways To Pitch with Passion

May 12, 2018 admin 0

You’ve dropped mega bucks for ten minutes in front of these prospective purchasers. You recalled each and every word of your script. You believe you did awesome. In actuality , your crowd checked out in the first sentence. As a motivational speaker and comic, I […]

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Be A Social Networking Floosy – Use Comedy

May 11, 2018 admin 0

Being a motivational speaker, I’m a fervent supporter of Youtube, Myspace, Google +, and everything Google-Bing-Yahoo related. I’m keen on social media given it helps motivational speakers like me to stay in touch with the many people I connect with in life and in my […]

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Motivational Speakers – What Do the Good Ones Do?

May 10, 2018 admin 0

They get individuals CHARGED UP about your ongoing organizational goals, about their work, about the seminar – about daily life on the whole. An outstanding motivational speaker demonstrates how to motivate yourself. Given that little or nothing gets done without the determination to achieve it. […]