Motivational Speaker – Use Laughter To Deliver The Tough Message

Being a motivational speaker and authority on humor – If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times “How do i make delivering lousy news better using humor?” There are lots of places and circumstances where we, motivational speakers, are asked to speak about difficult subjects. While there are many instances where joking around is completely unacceptable, there are other cases where comedy can be an essential ingredient to presenting a delicate message. Usually, good sense would tell you if humor is a good tactic to make use of when handling a hard topic. Still you’d also think that good sense would inform you not to wear long, black dress socks with shorts. With that in mind, let’s begin with where you should not use humor.

Occasions to Stay Away From Comedy

If someone has lost someone close, you shouldn’t come within a mile of using humor. I do not care if they are making jokes – you shouldn’t.

Company restructuring is a bad time to use your comedy tool kit. Your audience may be unclear about the importance of the presentation – not to mention you will look insensitive.

Although out of the ordinary, you may need to handle severe illnesses or injuries in your audience in the course of your presentation. As an example, somebody in your audience may pass out during your message. If similar to this takes place, don’t make a joke about it. Remain calm and provide leadership from the platform.

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Your location makes a difference in how you can use comedy. If you’re presenting at a funeral you are following a alternate set of rules than if you are speaking in a business setting.

Dire warnings aside, humor can still be a superb strategy to ease tense circumstances.

Though it is safer stay away from humor completely in a delicate scenario, it’s nevertheless a necessary ingredient. The audience , nonetheless, requires a change from the heavy information. I simply have a single caveat: don’t make fun of the seriousness of the area.

If you are discussing rape with college students, you won’t ever make sexual assault funny. Or rape victims, or rapists. But you could start your presentation about how foolish you used to be in college and the idiotic things you did (if you’re like me, you had a lot) and there’s usually humor there. Nothing at all wrong with that. Making jokes about yourself isn’t the same as making jokes about rape victims.

So when creating your humor, make sure that you’re not making the topic comical. You are couching the topic in comical material. The audience know the difference. And when in doubt, leave it out.

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