Motivational Speakers – What Do the Good Ones Do?

  • They get individuals CHARGED UP about your ongoing organizational goals, about their work, about the seminar – about daily life on the whole.
  • An outstanding motivational speaker demonstrates how to motivate yourself. Given that little or nothing gets done without the determination to achieve it. So call it puffy if you are so inclined – nevertheless, the absence of enthusiasm is VERY THREATENING to your bottom line.
  • A decent motivational speaker knows what they’re encouraging their listeners to perform, believe, or experience. I’m surprised how many public speakers just label themselves motivational speakers, so when I ask the things they stimulate people to do, they give me a blank look. An effective motivational speaker walks into a convention with a distinct vision of what they want to accomplish.
  • An outstanding motivational speaker understands your audience – or at a minimum attempts to. It’s hard to find a decent professional speaker who is also an authority in your industry. My competence is speaking/entertaining/persuading from the platform. Just recently I had five shows in five different venues in 3 days. I haven’t the time, energy, or desire to be a specialist in each and every field I visit. But I usually take some time to get to understand you. To get more information concerning what things are like where you sit. It’s IMPERATIVE, due to the fact it permits me to create trust and connection, and to take apart obstacles so that you will be receptive to what I have to teach.
  • An excellent motivational speaker customizes his subject matter to a point – beyond modifying the city name as in “Hello Boise.”
  • A good motivational speaker makes our hour together exciting and engaging.
  • A solid motivational speaker makes your audience member leave declaring, “That was unforgettable. I heard just what I needed to hear at this moment. This has been life altering.” And in the event you don’t realize that makes your meeting memorable – you’re wrong.

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