Need More Business? Live These Two Straightforward Words

Live These Two Straightforward Words
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Over Deliver. This entire post could be summed up in those two words. Nonetheless, you understand that as a verbose motivational speaker, I can’t ever keep any discussion to two words. But they’re two crucial words in terms of capturing the sale and retaining the customer. Plus it implies specifically what you think that it signifies: Deliver more.

Should you be thinking that serving up “sufficiently good” is good enough to overcome your competitors within this crowded market, the chances are you deserve the spot you are in. And we will proceed to the people who are aware that highly effective customer service will create wildly excited clients, and raving fans speak about you. For most of us, it is not necessarily a concern of if we believe we ought to over-deliver – but just how to over deliver. We realize it’s important, but we hardly ever actually get around to doing it.

So I’m going to use the model I normally apply – See, Believe, Do – and utilize it for over delivering for your own customers.


See what it really looks like. Relax and think of what it really would look like to deliver much more than you stated – more than you are employed to – above the competition. Record it. See it.

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Have faith in serving your buyers. Don’t forget that they matter. Stay in a mindset of wishing to serve them. Believe they deserve to be cared for much better than you stated – and quite a few of your efforts will just normally flow from that objective.


Do it . Come up with a plan. Adhere to the plan of action – one small detail at a time. Visualize EACH place you might have exposure to a buyer, or a possible client – and prepare one little action you can take to over-deliver.

So, you are completing a purchase? Get it there before your customer expects it. You get a phone call for a assignment? Call them back now rather than tomorrow – instead of just a brief email. Completed the assignment? Send a handwritten note of thanks, or anything that will actually have meaning for them. Already been paid for the project? Then send them something nice – just because.

Therefore you are all aware my mantra at this point; it is not about simply being better, it is about being unique. So try to find those minor actions you can take which your competition doesn’t. These very small things will make a BIG difference to your profits.

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