Positive Thinking and Health

Positive Thinking and Health
Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is synonymous with good health. Numerous studies have shown a link between positive focus and greater health, and conversely, being in a state of depression or even negativity will worsen or lead to more illness. This was even written about in ancient texts like the Bible, which states that a happy heart is the life of the flesh.There have been countless stories written about men and women who lived to be a hundred or more. When asked what attributed to their longevity part of the answer would always include the words “positive outlook” and a “happy focus.”

One way to avoid focusing on the negative is to stop trying to control everything and everyone, and learn to enjoy the moment. Overcontrol just leads to more depression, stress and negativity. Control only that which you can, which is your thoughts and actions, and leave the rest along. Surround yourself with positive people and limit contact with toxic individuals, even if they’re family.

One way positive thinking can be attained is through affirmations. Said daily, they can immediately take you out of the bad mood you’re in and literally cause changes in the brain chemistry that make you feel happy. Whatever it takes, the moment you feel downhearted, think about the many blessings you enjoy. There is nothing like gratitude to bring about an immediate change in your state of mind. It’s a good discipline to engage in a gratitude journal. Just taking a moment at the end of the day to reflect on things you appreciate about the day helps relax you and set the

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Think Positive Live Positive

How many people do you know who think and live a positive life? Of those who do not, are they healthy and happy people? Are their conversations filled with negativity and complaining? It is doubtful that anyone who lives a life of hopelessness can ever achieve happiness. Of course, noone can escape unpleasant realities totally. But making the choice to focus on the positive has major benefits.Have you noticed the people in your life who are more positive? Do they seem to get more out of life? Do they tend to have more confidence and laugh more than others? They probably have more friends around them as well.

These are some of the benefits one can derive, both to their physical and emotional health from thinking and living a positive life.

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