Procrastination: How Positive Thinking Can Help Overcome It

Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking

“Don’t put off until tomorrow the things you can do today.”  We are all guilty of procrastination at one time or another in our lives. No matter what the circumstance, we sometimes tend to say “I don’t feel like doing this today I’ll do it tomorrow.” How does this relate to positive thinking?Having a negative feeling towards whatever task is before you impose a decision already formed in your mind. For example, let’s assume you have a closet at home that really needs to be cleaned out. Each time you open the closet door you decide today is the day you are going to tackle it. The day goes on and the closet stays as is.

Or perhaps you have designated a day to clean out the garage. The weather would not influence your decision to put it off because you are basically indoors most of the time. You look at it once again and decide to do something else.

When negativity clouds our judgment or thought processes, there is a tendency to hang back and let the day pass without attending to those tasks that have to be accomplished. Conversely, when one is in a positive state of mind there is nothing that can’t be done.  We feel good about everything and everyone. We work harder at home and at the office. Organization and efficiency is our middle name.

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Procrastinating simple puts off the inevitable which then causes stress. The stress causes the inability to properly handle the task at hand and the result is that the closet is not properly cleaned out, the project at work is filled with mistakes and the garage looks worse than before. Ultimately, every task would have to be corrected which adds more stress. The cycle is a vicious one.

Let’s face it there are some things we just don’t like doing such as cleaning the bathroom, cleaning out the closet or garage and other things we have to do during the course of a day. But the old expression holds true “If you can’t do it right the first time, don’t do it at all.”  While this may sound negative, it isn’t. It is a reminder that positive thinking makes the task at hand enjoyable, thus it will be done correctly the first time. There is no stress involved, no anxiety and no pressure.

Procrastinators fall under the assumption that they are under pressure to fulfill a certain task. However, the pressure comes not from outside forces but from within. When you think in a positive way you act in a positive way. No pressure, no stress and no anxiety. Procrastination and negativity go hand in hand. Think positive and you will see just how much you can accomplish.

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