Professional Speakers – Don’t Wing It! Give Your Listeners An Excellent Presentation

Professional Speakers
Professional Speakers

Steps to making your speeches stand up and stick out in a crowded market.Being a motivational speaker, comic, and speaking coach, I see speakers making the exact same error time and again. They focus so much on trying to sell the product that they neglect the product. Being a public speaker your speech is your product. The encounter is what you’re offering – not the content. Assuming they just wanted the content they’d purchase a textbook and not bother paying you to come give the information in person. Therefore, your presentation is your product. And your rivals are tough. There are 1000’s of other public speakers supplying the identical message. Maybe you’ve something unique to speak about, but as soon as you’ve given it out to thousands of audience members it’s not as unique anymore, is it? It’s not what you say that makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition – it’s the way you say it. So how are you currently saying it? Do you think you’re up to scratch? Truthfully? Lots of you believe you’re sufficiently good and you aren’t. I know since I’ve seen you present.

The first question you want to ask yourself is whether you’re good enough to be in-front of an audience – receiving the fee that you do? Really sufficiently good. How can you tell? You know by the feedback you get from audience and buyers. You know by how routinely you are booked again. You’ll know because you get scheduled repeatedly. You know because they jump to their feet and clap when you are done. You know if they don’t move about the whole time you speak – whenever they stop sending text messages and making phone calls – when no one leaves to use the bathroom. You understand when people walk up and ask you to show them how to do what you do . You realize when you watch yourself on film and like it. If you don’t know, get a presentation coach or find someone who’ll offer you honest feed-back. And don’t be distressed with what you hear. We’re all awful before we become good. It’s not an instantaneous process. Shake it off and become good. Just how do you do it?

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Bow up and get busy. If you aren’t ready to dedicate hours and hours on your speech – the same amount of hours Michael Jackson spent planning a live performance right down to every last dance step and every sound and each motion – the same amount of hours a standout basketball player devotes to practicing his jump shot -if you aren’t willing to devote hours then you’ll never be stellar. Period. Consistently get better by adding fresh components to your show – new stories, different humor, up-to-date points, cutting edge ways of presenting it. The important thing is not just to create something new and better – but to create something extraordinary. Genuineness and Extraordinary are key words to standing head and shoulders above your competitors on the platform. Try out something new each time you give a speech -even when it’s something as little as one new story or moving to a different place on stage. Continually bring yourself out of your rut.

Watch game film – clips of yourself doing your thing. I know, it’s excruciating. However , you must do it. This is a time tested technique of the big motivational speakers. That’s the time you’ll recognize those disturbing practices like gesturing excessively or pulling at your hair. You’ll also see what is effective. Watching your performances is immensely important – and you’ll have demo videos to make use of from it. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and the rehearse some more.. I can’t emphasize this enough. I have spent a complete day working on one line – giving focus to various segments, moving in several ways, attempting different things with my hands. Practice if you do not know that piece like your own reflection. That is definitely the difference in good and remarkable.

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Finally, enjoy yourself! If you lose the eagerness for what you do, so will they.

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