Punch Up Your Motivational Speech With One-Liners

Punch Up Your Motivational Speech With One-Liners
Punch Up Your Motivational Speech With One-Liners

Writing jokes isn’t an uncomplicated undertaking, especially if you’re not a funny person, which is why I love one-liners so much. They are simple to craft, effortless to splice into your presentation, and not hard for the audience to comprehend. You can always count on them for a laugh. Assuming they are funny. Forget the naysayers who say that one-liners are old fashioned and overused. They continue to be a means of inserting a laugh into a, otherwise, humorless speech. Call them outdated if you wish, but they continue work and get a laugh.. Let’s take a look at an oldie but goodie that still (believe it or not) really works: Take my wife…please. How come a joke like that is funny? You guide the listener along one train of thought, and then slap them with a quick declaration in another direction. Very basic. Nevertheless, very reliable. Audiences enjoy it when you steer them one way and then surprise them by changing in another direction. As a funny motivational speaker, I practice this continuously. Allow me to try out one that I wrote just last week: I only tidy up the parts of my home that people can see…. from the road. Fine, maybe this won’t get me on comedy central. Still, it conforms to the concept of giving the audience a fast, unexpected shock.

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Now we are getting down to the brass tacks. Begin with something that is true, and then spin it. Try on this example: My spouse ran off with another woman. What are we likely to imagine when we are given this situation? We might expect that you’re depressed. That’s why I punch the listeners using this finish: My spouse ran off with another woman. Please put her in your prayers.

Let’s continue:

I found this cream that’s supposed to remove undesirable bulges. So I got it…

What’s our first thought? We assume that you got it in the store. We imagine that the bulges are on your own body. Seems normal to believe you want to reduce the size of the cellulite bulges on your body. This is how I add the punch: I came across this cream that says it removes undesirable bulges. So I got it and put it on my spouse. He’s still here.

You can always rework the first part of the joke so it will be stronger. Let’s wrap up: Think of a set up line. List what we suppose to be true about that statement. Craft a stunning ending that the audience won’t see coming. They will not all be funny. Truthfully, the majority won’t be. But now and again you will stumble on one worth keeping.

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