You Don’t Retain Staff; They Keep YOU!

The Skill of Motivating The People Who Work For You

Being a motivational speaker and comedian, my challenge is to illustrate to everyday people they are prized, keep them engaged, motivate them to do something, inspire them to see hurdles as opportunity, offer a 2nd wind and a renewed eagerness and pleasure in what they do. So if you’re an owner or a leader, that’s your task too. If you want to keep hold of outstanding individuals, you have to transition from manipulating individuals to do more, to inspiring personnel to aspire to do much more. There are some people who suggest that you can’t teach a great attitude and there is reality to that. But when you inspire, persuade, and motivate your employees, their disposition will strengthen and you will see more powerful, more effective teams. It’s about concentrating on the way you cause them to feel while they are at the office. So let’s speak about how people would like to feel.

They want to feel listened to. They want to be sure that you pay attention – really listen closely. They would like to recognize that this is a risk-free place to share their ideas.

They would like to feel appreciated and prized. They want to realize that you understand the significance in what they’re doing and their contribution to the organization’s success. They need to realize that they are part of the team.

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They want to feel comfortable discussing new suggestions without fear of being jeered at or getting their recommendations shot down.

They desire a feeling of ownership – that they are a part of this creation. They demand to know that it’s okay to test a plan even if it fails. They really want a secure place where they can learn how to have the daring to take gambles and take a shot at new things.

They really want to feel like you aren’t just giving them lip service. They don’t like to hear “good job” if you just said a similar thing to five others. Don’t ask them if they are having a good day if you do that every single morning at 9:02. Do something different. Folks notice what they don’t expect. It doesn’t need to be major – simply different.

They would like to feel encouraged. Be certain that you’re lifting people up rather than dragging them down. Concentrate on your words and behaviors and the way they are received.

Individuals want to feel contented. They desire an enjoyable place to work. They need to see you smiling, joking, and having a good time. Fun is contagious. Don’t hesitate injecting a bit of excitement into your work environment. You’ll observe productivity increase.

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When you work to make your employees feel cherished, you should also work to be sure that the job doesn’t turn into a place where sentiments replace productivity and your workplace becomes a place for therapy. By no means let feelings stand in the way of getting the job accomplished. Nevertheless , you can make them feel good and get a task accomplished simultaneously. The bottom line is that you must show them. Telling them is not enough. You have to show them. This requires time and effort. However the smallest effort from you will make the most significant difference.

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